Courtenay Sheehan

Senior Content Manager - Digital Strategy & Brand Engagement

Walmart Global Headquarters

Courtenay manages Hillary directly at Walmart Global Headquarters

 I have had the pleasure of working with Hillary for over a year, and I am continually amazed by her creativity, energy and aesthetic. 

 In daily tasks, which can get mundane and repetitive, Hillary constantly brings fresh new ideas regarding layout, graphics, and the latest trends. Her eye for design is unmatched and very valuable in a corporate environment. I value Hillary's contributions in our highly collaborative environment, and I appreciate her sense of humor and ability to keep a positive, upbeat outlook, even when dealing with the pressures of deadlines and sensitive clients.


Hillary is an engaged, dedicated and instrumental member of our team. I am happy to recommend her as a talented and highly skilled digital designer.


Steve Wilson

Director - Digital Strategy & Brand Engagement

Walmart Global Headquarters

Steve manages Hillary directly at Walmart Global Headquarters

 Hillary has been key in the visual transformation of many of our digital web projects over the past year and a half. She is a very creative graphic designer and has demonstrated the ability to consistently develop visual assets for multiple digital channels, each with their own voice and target audience. Beyond her graphic design talents, Hillary learned to use multiple enterprise content management systems and deliver on the day-to-day editorial demands of one of the largest employee communications portals in the world. Hillary has a place on any team I lead. 


Matthew kimbrough

Business Analyst at Quad

Matthew managed Hillary directly from 2015 to 2018.

  I had the pleasure of working with Hillary at Ivie & Associates for several years on our Digital & Social Media team. In addition to being a very talented designer, Hillary also excels at creative brainstorming, ideation, project management and content presentation.


She has the ability to quickly develop expertise in both new channels and technologies while continually growing and developing her skill set. In our time working together, I saw Hillary expand her knowledge and consistently go above-and-beyond to find innovative solutions to marketing challenges.


Above all of that, Hillary is a great person. She always approaches challenges with good-natured resolve and determination - she is an absolute pleasure to work with and a wonderful addition to any team.

Design Paper

Emily Hughes Armour

Executive Director, Creative Marketing at SMU

Emily managed Hillary directly at JCPenny Headquarters

Hillary is 💯  a go-to designer for quick scrambles and anything you need on a tight turn.


She is gracious and accommodating of the insanity that goes with in-house agencies and I would hire her again in a heartbeat.


Stephanie Hogan

Assistant Marketing Manager -  Brand Social

Walmart Global Headquarters

Stephanie was a client of Hillary at Ivie & Associates

I worked with Hillary during her role with Ivie. She supported Walmart's digital and social teams with her mad design skills. She was always willing to take on new challenges, including learning new skills and software to meet the high demands of a Fortune 1 digital team.


She approached all projects with an innovative attitude and critical thinking to deliver above-and-beyond what was briefed. I was impressed by her multi-tasking abilities, rapid response, problem-solving abilities, creativity, teamwork, her ability to deliver exceptional designs under pressure and tight deadlines and especially her GREAT attitude.


She brought great energy to every meeting, staying focused on the task at hand and bringing awesome ideas to the table, but also has a sense of humor to lighten any situation and keep spirits up and teammates motivated.


Richard Mullins

Art Director at H2 Creative Group

Richard was Hillary’s teacher at The Art Institute. 

 As a student in my classes at The Art Institute of Dallas, Hillary was a hard worker with a strong flair for color and style. In approaching her projects she brought a great attitude and determined grit to improving and growing during her time at The Art Institute of Dallas (AID).


I’m sure Hillary would make a tremendous addition to any creative team.