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    January 2019 

    This is a sub-site we created to announce the merger between WalmartOne & The Wire. These two sites are Walmart's associate-facing sites.

    Click here to see the live site. 

  • News & Articles

    January 2019 

    This is a landing page that I designed & built for the merger. I designed & built 60% of the articles linked on this page, including cover images & icons.

    Click here to see the live page. 

  • Savings & Retirement 

    January 2019

    This is one of many landing pages I designed & built for the merger between WalmartOne & The Wire.

    This page is unavailable to the public.

  • Content Management

    Fluid Content

    This landing page hosts top news & articles created for Walmart associates. These article requests come from multiple departments throughout Walmart. The site manager receives the article request then it is forwarded to me to build & publish. I created approximately 60% of the content on this page. I am the last person to see the articles before they are posted and viewed by top executives, store associates, suppliers & vendors.

    Click here to see the live page.  


App design Exercise

This project was an interview exercise for a company I was interviewing with in November 2017. They requested I create an application for a Public Library. 

Click the button below to see the full details of the project (PDF).

Technical Design &


This project was for the WalmartOne site. The client requested a UX UI facelift to the site. The final product might not look too impressive on the surface. However, the selling point is that I did this on my own. From the first meeting, I was pitching the vision, to the final launch of the new look three months later. I had a team of one. I worked directly with the developers, tested, researched, and made a few mistakes along the way. It was stressful, but the most educational experience of my career.


Click the buttons below to see the before & after and my technical design mock-up of the project (PDFs).

Don't be a


Many of the projects I am currently working on are not yet available to the public. I am not able to share them at this time. Please stay tuned! 

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